• Fizix is a refreshing energy drink which helps exhilarating your mind and body with various vitamins.It does not contain alcohol. 
    • We created an unique formula with power and energy that its refreshing taste.
    • You will be aktive and energetic all day long because of special formula and high quality components Fizix energy drinks
    Vitamins are essential micronutrients  that the body need to regulate bodily functions.
    There are two types of vitamins; soluble and insoluble. Fizix energy drink xontains soluble vitamins. Soluble vitamins stay in the body less than insoluble vitamins, instead they travel in the body  through blood plasmas.
    Fizix energy drink contains soluble vitamins such as Vitamin B6, B12,Niacinomide, Pantothenic acid.
    Vitamin B helps metabolism to produce energy by breaking down and saving Carbonhydrate and Protein. This process reduces fatigue and improves mental performance ( Pantothenic acid, Niacin ,B6 , B12).
    Vitamin B plays major role in the brain helping the nerves system.
    Endurance requires consentration and performance.
    Have a Fizix energy drink and get the support !